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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good ol' genetic algorithms project

I've redirected my old GA project's home page to this blog. This is due to the amount of spammers this project had on its public wiki, which is totally my fault for not maintaining them.

This is an old project I've started long ago in order to create a single framework for applications using genetic algorithms, and eventually it actually found its place in the CodeHaus. In the day, there weren't many frameworks for this.. These days I found quite a few on a quick search on SourceForge's search. If someone finds the project interesting, I'd be happy to start it over again; The reason I stopped working on it was the total lack of feedback, which made me think that no-one really needs such a framework.

I had quite a few ideas on how to improve the framework, so it could be more than nice to work on it again. I love the genetic algorithms subject and enjoy working on projects related to it very much, not to mention talking about it.


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