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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tomcat Deployment

So, I pulled up my sleeves and got to work. After all, if I want to switch from WebObjects to Tapestry, some configurations are in need to be done.

That's the problem, I think, with using open source applications. Sometimes the developers don't really care about the UI of their application or framework, and even though they made the best or one-of-a-kind application, users don't use it except for "hard core" people who really enjoy messing with the plumbings. I used to be like that - I think I still am - But for a seriously deployed application such as the Geekim Store I can't really fuff around writing XML files. By the way, at the moment, the site is written in ASP and is due to change to a better architectured and graphically enhanced site. This is what I actually do in my free time, even though I don't have much of it.

In spite of my last comment, I must say I was surprised to the better when I saw Cayenne's modeler and Tomcat's Manager. All that said, I still have one thing to complain about (for now): When I try to deploy my application, which is a tutorial application downloaded from the Tapestry site, I get the following message:

FAIL - Failed to deploy application at context path /taplet

Now, honestly, I can tell the context path - I chose them as input for the deployer. So what kind of information is that? "Sorry, no can do!"? How am I supposed to fix it?!


At 11/16/2005 10:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

read the tomcat logs. They are in a folder called logs under the tomcat folder.

Seriously though, if it is THAT important to you, wouldn't you read the documentation? You didn't do ASP and IIS without reading any documentation did you?

I guess if it were that important to you, looking at a little XML wouldn't be an issue.

At 11/16/2005 10:43:00 PM, Blogger Avah said...

I don't mind looking at the XML - I have, and was baffled. Reading the documentation helped me see what was wrong, as you said.

I can understand log files - I just prefer it said to me outright - If there's an error, I don't like getitng "ERROR" as a return value. Some basic UI should be given, even in error retrieval!


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